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Lady selling eggs

Not sure what kind of eggs she was selling ! I was interested in capturing the light in her eyes rather than eggs!! I’m running out of Cochin street photography shots I must go… Continue reading

Banana truck


Merging my two blogs + Photo from the market

If you haven’t noticed already, I merged my two blogs the current photo blog with my random iPhoneography blog. I also changed the design of the blog to make it more accessible and friendly. In the other… Continue reading

Cochin Street photography

So many stories in India so many photos to be taken !

Making Fishing nets

During the process of making fishing nets !

Colorful rickshaw

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Indian Style Red Hot Chili Peppers

Peace and Wisdom

Is she older than the tree?! All I can see when I look at her is peace and wisdom

Sending smiles from the balcony

Received a huge smile from the balcony 🙂

It’s a tough life

Nothing will stop us from going forward not even a torn slipper. Tie it and keep moving!

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