Shuwaiter sweets coffee shop

I Want to share with you some photos I took today at Hussain Shuwaiter sweets coffee shop. Shuwaiter family is known for their sweets and traditional Bahraini halwa. This coffee shop is located… Continue reading

Dance of Fire

I thought of doing something different in this post I’ll be putting a song along with one of my photos which I took today with the same spirit of the song “Dance of Fire”.… Continue reading

Istanbul Street Food!

I was in Istanbul last month and really loved the city with its rich culture. From day 1 I fell inlove with this great city and despite the terrible traffic I told myself… Continue reading

An afternoon with the flamingos

Afternoon with Flamingos ! Spent yesterday afternoon shooting mostly flamingos at the shores of Halat AlNaim and Halat AlSulta in Arad Muharraq. There was lots of birds too in various sizes and types… Continue reading

قهوة خلف Qahwat Khalaf

Been touring Muharraq with the ladies of the photography club and by far our favorite hangout is Qahwat Khalaf (old coffee house). It’s a very old coffee house mostly used by old men… Continue reading

Blogger+ App installed !

Howdy friends!I know I’ve been away from the blog but I promise you will see a lot coming up!Since I’m trying this blogger app it should be easier accessing and updating the blog!… Continue reading

22 Amazing Tilt Shift Photography Examples

22 Amazing Tilt Shift Photography Examples

عشرون مليون ريال كلفة كسوة الكعبة الجديدة

عشرون مليون ريال كلفة كسوة الكعبة الجديدة عشرون مليون ريال كلفة كسوة الكعبة الجديدة 5/11/2011 – 8244 -العدد مكة المكرمة – د ب أ: ترتدي الكعبة المشرفة في بيت الله الحرام بمكة المكرمة… Continue reading

ABDULLAH AL ZAYED HOUSE FOR BAHRAINI PRESS HERITAGE بيت و ملحق عبداللة الزايد لتراث البحرين الصحفي

ABDULLAH AL ZAYED HOUSE FOR BAHRAINI PRESS HERITAGE & EXTENSION بيت و ملحق عبداللة الزايد لتراث البحرين الصحفي Another developed house part of Shaikh Ebrahim bin Mohammed heritage village in Muharraq This house… Continue reading


I recently visited Kurar house which is part of Shaikh Ebrahim Bin Mohammed developed houses It is really and amazing project to retain a dying handicraft.. Please note that you can visit the… Continue reading

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